Our Services

Seller Services – 3.5% total commission

 Together we will prevail through this pandemic. 

I am a happy sales leader who honors Seller and connects with buyers and their agents, strong in digital marketing, and meticulous in every detail to guard your interests.

My goal is to sell your property for most money happily. 



Buyer Services

I say all I know and say it without reserve. I’ll work closely with you to find your dream home or investment property and to assist you in property management and maintenance. 

A rental property example 

Building or Remodeling 

Thinking about building your dream home or real estate development? Our team of experienced architects, interior designers, and general contractors can help make your dream come true.  

Living in Silicon Valley, Working for Silicon Valley

I am in your neighborhood– I know what it’s like to live here, too! With 10 years of experience in real estate and 15 years in economics research, I understand how our real estate market is driven by demographic and employment changes as Silicon Valley is leading the world advancement.

I am tech savvy. I focus on digital marketing to reach 90% of buyers who look for homes online first and 20% buyers who come abroad. I utilize the most efficient ways to reach 35 US popular real estate sites and over100 international websites in 60 languages. I built and maintain my website and your home property site myself to stay in touch with my clients directly in a timely manner.  


After the final no there comes a yes and on that yes the future world depends. 
                                                                                        – Wallace Stevens

Proud to be a member of AAUWAmerican Association of University Women – Empowering Women Since 1881