Los Altos and Los Altos Hills

Los Altos: Park in every backyard

Los Altos was developed with the concept of a “park in every backyard.” Los Altos has commercial zones, strictly limited to the downtown area, as well as small shopping and office parks lining Foothill Express and El Camino Real. 

Los Altos features a quaint downtown that serves as the gathering spot for all the local residents. During the summer months, the city sponsors movie nights downtown and each year there are multiple art, wine, and beer festivals that bring in residents from nearby Mountain View and Palo Alto.

Outside the downtown area, Los Altos thrives to maintain a rural feel, with few paved sidewalks, limited street lights, and large properties. Los Altos is separated into two zip codes that are also shared with Los Altos Hills.

The 94022-zip code includes North Los Altos, and this area is located closer to the downtown business district. North Los Altos includes many of the original historic estate homes within the community and includes some of the larger and more expensive new construction homes in the area.

The 94024 zip code includes South Los Altos, and much of this area homes were built during the 1960’s building boom. South Los Altos Homes are typically on quarter acre lots


Lost Altos consists of 4 neighborhoods: Country Club, North Los Altos, South of El Monte and The Highlands / Woodlands Acres.

People: Urban sophisticates with high education, respectable occupations, refined tastes, happy families
Populations: 28,988 Household Income: $326,456
Graduate Degree: 52.67% Bachelors Degree: 31.92%

Los Altos Hills

Populations: 8,102 Household Income: $427,749
Graduate Degree: 57.13% Bachelors Degree: 30.43%
Please note that school districts in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills are not consistent with the city / town boundaries.
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