Sell-3.5% Commission

  • You pay for the marketing expenses.
  • This promotion is limited to the first 3 listings each month. 

Together we will prevail through this pandemic. 

Do you know, in our digital era, your offered price is the best “sign” to attract buyers, far more effective than any agent’s advertisement? Do you know how motivated a buyer’s agent is when he or she sees a listing agent’s private remark saying “do not intend to be dual agent”?

I am tech savvy and skilled in digital marketing. I am a happy sales leader who honors Seller and connects with buyers and their agents. I am always putting my clients’ interest and privacy in front of my own. I am meticulous in negotiating and contracting to guard my clients’ interest in every detail.

My Executive Plan

  • Save seller’s cost on commission: Liu Real Estate charges only 3.5%. This saves sellers of a $4,000,000 home $60,000 compared to 5% charged by other agents.
  • Gear up with full power of teamwork by giving 2.5% commission to buyer’s agent
  • Digital Marketing2893 Ramona sold in 7 day via three-pronged strategies US Markets, Global Markets, Other Channels
  • Be available 4+ hours 7 days a week for showing your home in the Pandemic
  • Respect Seller’s key decision on Right Pricing — THE BEST marketing sign to attract more interests
  • Propose and implement the plans for marketing and house preparation
  • Communicate with seller daily with complete transparency and loyalty
  • Negotiate the best deal for Seller
  • Write contracts meticulously to guard seller’s interest in every detail
  • Work with title and escrow, investigate buyers, and guarantee a smooth closing

Minimum Marketing Costs

  • $1500: Inspection reports (property, termite, roof)
  • $1500: Photographs, 3D tour, 2D floor plan, video, drone arial photos, website

Special communication and showing instructions in the pandemic

Do you know that First American Title have their in-house lawyers who can help you with title issues during transaction? Contact me for a title officer at First American Title. 

Please contact me for a quick Net Sheet. 

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