Digital Marketing – Reaching Near and Far

2893 Ramona St. Palo Alto Featuring 3D Tour which shows every corner of the house. 

Three-pronged Digital Marketing to Attract Most Buyers from Near and Far

  • US Markets: Listing property for sale in local MLS which is automated posting and update to more than 35 public websites including MLS, Zillow, Redfin, Realtor
  • Global Portals:

Global marketing via Listhub to reach 172.27 million potential buyers through 100 trusted international websites in more than 60 countries  – and growing! 

  • Other Channels: connecting with 10,000+ local agents via email and with buyers via property website, newspaper, and more. 
  1. My business site  in both English and Chinese
  2. featuring high quality photos and videos of your home and neighborhood, 3D tour, Live Chat.
  3. Full-page ad in the local newspaper
  4. Direct emailing to over 10,000 local agents
  5. Flyers, brochures, and yard signs
  6. Coming Soon and Just Listed postcards to attract the potential interests of neighbors’ friends and relatives
  7. Write professional description of your home based on the research on how words affect home selling
  8. Host virtual tour & Schedule showings available 8 hours 7 days a week during the pandemic.

Where do buys find Homes

National Association of REALTORS® research tells us that people are finding their homes either online or with their agent most.

What do they want: Top Factors That Influence neighborhood Choice

  1. Quality of neighborhood.
  2. Convenience to job.
  3. Overall affordability of homes.
  4. Convenience to friends and family.
  5. Convenience to shopping.

The first impression is crucial to make people fall in love with a home. The key to give buyers the best first impression is to meet or go beyond their expectations set by the asking price and advertisements. Therefore, I assist you to choose the best cost-benefit projects within your budget and timeframe to provide the best first impression for buyers. 

Whether buyers makes an offer confidently depends on our effort to keep their love stay with this home by leaving no uncertainty from them. To achieve this goal, not only we provide them complete disclosures, records, and estimates, but also I am available for buyer agents and/or buyers themselves to answer their questions all the time.  

Home Preparation:

  • Features and amenities influenced you the most when you decided to purchase this home
  • Items included in the sale
  • Renovation/Upgrade/Permits Records
  • Clean, Repair, and Remodel

Marketing Preparation:

  • Staging: It has been statistically proven that properly staged homes have sold 2 to 3 times faster and for 3-10% more than homes that have not been staged. Staging usually follows current interior trend which is viewed by most buyers as beautiful. Staging helps sell those dreams and creates a more emotional purchase by assisting buyers visualize them living in the home. Staging also shows that the home is a turn key as potential buyers don’t want to see work that needs to be done upon moving into the home.  (14 Reasons to Stage Your House Before You Sell It)

  • Professional photography
  • Professionally drawn floor plans
  • High quality video of your home: Matterport 3D tour with Virtual Reality
  • High quality video of your neighborhood
  • Aerial drone footage: still, video: Top down, front, neighborhood, + POI (Optional)
  • High quality full color brochure

A clear showing instruction is key to coordinate both seller, buyer, and buyer agents. I understand that you wouldn’t want to miss any chances for interested buyers to view your property. I will be most adaptive to buyer’s needs while keeping you in the loop. 

The fewer people around during a showing, the better. It’s also a good rule to let the buyer roam freely and discuss the property with the sales associate without interruption. A properly briefed sales associate will know the buyer’s needs and will be able to point out the features that meet the requirements.

In order for a buyer to feel confident making an offer on a property, they need to know about the property as much as possible.  I am available to answer or find out the answer to any question from buyer or buyer’s agent. In these conversations, I also get to know more about the buyer’s agent, the buyer, and buyer’s lenders. Therefore, I can not only effectively negotiate for my seller but also guarantee a smooth closing by choosing a trustworthy buyer’s agent and qualified buyer.