Elaine helped to buy and sell homes in Palo Alto for us several times and based on our experience of these transactions I highly recommend her. I always feel her genuinity and compassion and her sophisticated and careful thoughts. She is the one who truly has our best interest in her heart, never pushes, is always there, and is decisive and confident in making recommendations and keeps steady progress until the goal is reached. 

I was not only impressed by Elaine’s strong professionalism in marketing, sales and negotiation, but also her leadership and multi talents in making her teams deliver high quality work from remodeling, landscaping, staging, to escrow. 

She is tough and diligent in working and meticulous in every detail but very kind and gentle with people. Her partners like her as she notices every merit they show and generously gives credits to everyone who works with her. I like her as she always listened to what I had to say at the same time making recommendations. Then she had every task carried out well above my expectation. She not only regularly kept me updated but initiated meetings when needed. These updates and meetings gave me peace of mind and chances to understand the new situation better and to make changes in timely manner. 

As our listing agent, she helped sell our old furniture, designed the garden and remodeling projects and supervised each project. In marketing, I noticed her focus was always on promoting my house not on promoting her business. In sales, she tacitly designed our pricing and negotiation strategies. In negotiation, she intelligently guarded my interest in every corner by being stringent in defending my principles but also showing our kindness and fairness to buyers and their agents. 

As our buyers’ agent, she impressed us by her local knowledge and her superb analysis of the local market and demographic and economic conditions. She has a master degree in economics and worked in World Bank and International Monetary Fund for about 10 years. She was wonderful in driving us home about the vivid competition pictures of local buyers and sellers and then designing our competing plan. She is also very down to earth, always being there for us from the start of house hunt, through the close of escrow,  until now. Whenever I have need in my home, I can always count on her. She shares her vendors with me. She also fights for me if she thinks I am treated by some vendors unfairly. 

Lastly, I like Elaine because she is very humble and respects our privacy. She told me what I had done to reach my goal and what she had done is simply following my instruction and carrying out my requirements. In different opportunities, I got to know that she never bragged about what she did to close a deal and never talked about her clients outside the transaction.  

I look forward to her continuing her great work. 

A. W
Palo Alto

We chose Elaine to be our listing agent and we are glad that we did

There were a lot of details required for the sale process and this was all very well managed for us, from the first meeting with her we felt that we were in safe hands.

Why we liked working with Elaine:

  • She listened to all our potential concerns and took our needs as sellers into account.
  • She has an excellent knowledge of the market and house prices and seems to have a well balanced approach for pricing that really works!
  • Our property was extensively advertised and Elaine demonstrated a good customer knowledge and customer base.
  • She gave us sound and helpful advice regarding whether to do upgrades to the house and for prioritizing the upgrades that were needed most. She organized Good contacts for contractors and all the work was very well done and carried out in perfect time.
  •  She was always well prepared for meetings, highly organized, reliable, and everything went professionally and true to the well organized schedule. We always understood what was needed from us; we were never worried about any stage and nothing was too much trouble at any time.

For an outstanding, organized and professional service, as well as expert advice we would highly recommend Elaine. The process was smooth from start to finish; the house was excellently staged and photographed and the presentation was better than we could have thought. Our experience demonstrates a good understanding of real estate transactions and we would like to say a big Thank you!!

Laura H.

Elaine represented the buyer when we recently sold our house in Palo Alto.  We have worked with many agents over the years and Elaine is one of the best.  We would gladly use her in the future.  She was very organized, rational, hands on, and represented her client fairly but firmly.  Please ask Elaine for my phone number and email,  I am happy to discuss her in more detail. 

Steve B.
Palo Alto