AirBnb Stock Jumps Up 股票大涨

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作为一个旅游热爱者,作为一个心永远系着诗和远方的人, 我渴望流浪的生活。记得大学读高建群的《最后一个匈奴》, 里面说如何分辨匈奴和汉人: 汉人脚的小拇指指甲盖是分裂的两片(角落处),整个一片的是匈奴。我们宿舍的女生都检查了一下,发现我是整个一片。看来我身上流着游牧民族的血液。

一直想象孩子长大以后,我们两人买个房车四处漂泊,可是蔡蔡不干。他不愿辛苦,害怕狼和熊,更受不了异味。 多年以前听说一位同事,很牛的一位程序员,常年住旅馆,(特斯拉,科学家,听说也有此经历。)我们羡慕他,每每都有说走就走的旅行。 今天蔡蔡又告诉我,他们有一位高级程序员,常年住AirBnb. 太好了,我们两个终于意见一致了。就等孩子们滚出家门,我们就可以过流浪的生活了。蔡蔡的名单是,伦敦,纽约,悉尼, 。。。。

于工作,我其实早就留意关注和婴儿潮相关的房地产业: 房车公园,老年公寓,绿色旅游,AirBnb, … 其实不仅45-55年的人们会有这样的生活方式,很多科技公司的职员因为疫情改变了工作生活方式,安顿下来的日子对家庭依旧必须,但是一部分人们将会常年迁徙流浪中。


I love travel and my heart is always longing for poems and far away places. I’ve imagined that my hubby and I would purchase a recreational vehicle and start living a nomadic life once we kick both kids out. However, my hubby doesn’t like hooking up drain and sewer, is scared of bears and wolves, is repelled by any smell. 

Several years ago, he told me one of his colleagues lives in hotels all the time. I remember Tesla, the scientist, also lived in hotels. Today, he told me one of his colleagues lives in AirBnb throughout years. Bingo! We’ve just reached the same dream and he’s started his list: London, New York, Sidney, …. 

For my real estate job, I’ve done research on many fields related to baby boomers: RV park (almost sold one), senior living, organic tourism, AirBnb, … Indeed, not only baby boomers have started or will start this kind of new life style, but also high tech people will join this group due to the fact that the Pandemic has changed their work style. 

Dear friends, want to embrace this new life style together with me? Let’s find properties and get down to the business.