Ad: Benefit of Open Escrow Earlier

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If you suspect there is some issue in your title / deed chain, the best and the most economical thing you can do is to open escrow earlier when you consider selling. 

You do not need to worry if you change your mind and decide not to sell later on because most likely Escrow will not charge you (please check with your escrow ahead of time). 

Recently, I had been helping my client to sort of some issue in their deed chain due to a record which has wrong grantor and therefore turns out to be invalid. 

I was kicked back and forth between different escrow/title people and attorneys. Then I realized why they treated me like a ball after hearing of this story: there used to be a fight between lawyers and escrow/title companies over where to split their trade fields. In the end, title companies won the business right in taking care of title transfer and issuing title insurance. And lawyers keep their business in title issues related to estate planning such as establishing trust etc. That is, you can only ask Escrow and Title to work on your title issues when you have a transaction: either selling or refinancing your property. Other than these two occasions, you need to take care of your title issues with an attorney or on your own. 

Considering hiring an attorney is costly, you might want to open an escrow and ask them to help you clear up any issue with your title. Moreover, each title/escrow company has their in-house attorneys who can be very handy without extra cost to you. 


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