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US S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index Acceleration Peaks Prior to Mortgage Rate Surge, Up 20.6% Annually

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Research Reports

  • Local Market Reports

    Every quarter, NAR Research compiles and publishes local information on markets, state taxes and fiscal conditions, wealth gain by metro area, subprime ARM performance, mortgage conditions, the economic impact of real estate, and existing home sales and prices.

  • Meeting the Needs of Buyers and Sellers During and After the Pandemic

    Real estate agents provide high value, and during a pandemic need to meet high expectations.

    Millions of people moved during the pandemic, driven by the opportunity to work remotely, the desire for more space, and better affordability. Where do people move a year into the pandemic? Are suburbs and small cities gaining even more movers

  • Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

    This annual report provides information on demographics, housing characteristics and the experience of consumers in the housing market. Buyers and sellers also share information on the role that real estate professionals play in home sales transactions.

  • Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends

    This annual report examines the generational differences of home buyers and sellers in the current real estate marketplace.

  • Housing Wealth Gains for the Rising Middle-Class Markets

    Homeownership is the primary source of wealth creation. This study looks at the distribution of housing wealth between 2010 and 2020 across income groups and in 917 metropolitan or micropolitan areas.

  • Metro Area Housing Wealth Gains

    Homeownership is the largest source of wealth among households, and contributes positively to the homeowner’s and children’s economic condition because the home equity can be tapped for other expenditures. These calculations, by metropolitan statistical area, are illustrative of the magnitude of the wealth gains over

State and Metropolitan Statistical Area Data

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