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  • Disclosure forms:
    • Fire Hardening_Defensible Space Disclosure and Addendum (FHDS)(Rev. 05_2021) (3)
    • What is the exact question being asked?
      The exact question is as follows: 
      Seller is aware of the following features that may make the home vulnerable to wildfire and flying embers (check all that apply):

      □ Eave, soffit, and roof ventilation where the vents have openings in excess of one-eighth of an inch or are not flame and ember resistant
      □ Roof coverings made of untreated wood shingles or shakes
      □ Combustible landscaping or other materials within five feet of the home and under the footprint of any attached deck
      □ Single pane or non-tempered glass windows
      □ Loose or missing bird stopping or roof flashing
      □ Rain gutters without metal or noncombustible gutter covers. 

  • Home Hardening Law & Guide
    • Hardening your home
    • Replace wood or shingle roof
      • Cover vents with metal mesh
      • Eaves should be non-combustible
      • Remove combustible landscaping within five feet of home
      • Install dual paned, tempered glass windows
      • Walls made of resistant material, not boards or shingles
      • Decks and patio covers made of fire resistant materials
      • Screen or enclose rain gutters to prevent debris
      • Chimney outlet metal screened
      • Have a ready water supply to all parts of your home
      • Make sure home is accessible to emergency vehicles
      • Fix loose or missing bird stopping
  • Click FHSZ Viewer to find out which zone your home is located: 
  • Defensible Space Law  | Defensible Space
  • More information: prepare for wildfire
  • Palo Alto Wildfire Planning Map

Notes: From Seller’s perspective, provide these forms even you are not required. From home owners’ viewpoint, follow these rules will greatly reduce your hazards. As weather goes to extremes and PG&E equipment deteriorates and its maintenance and upgrade has been put off, more fire-related accidents are expected. I saw with my own eyes that an electricity pole started burning with sparkles on a flat area at a summer dawn. If there were high and dry branches, a fire would have started. In addition, some good insurance company might refuse to provide you policy if your home is not in compliance with home hardening and defensible space laws. 

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