Agriculture Land and Williamson Act

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0 La Barranca Road, Los Altos Hills, California 94022

 Adjacent to this vacant lot is 13027 La Barranca

Land Use:Pasture
“0” La Barranca Road is vacant land of approximately 1.175 Acres. Build your dream home! MFA – 5,000 square feet. MDA – 7,500 square feet. The property is currently part of the Williamson Act. Views towards the East bay, privacy, and an array of majestic Oak Trees add to the appeal of the property. Excellent Palo Alto Schools: Nixon Elementary, Fletcher Middle, and Gunn High School.

Topographical Map Available

Williamson Act

Landowners agree to retain their lands for agriculture or other open space uses for a minimum of ten years, and in return receive property tax relief on the lands under contract.

The County Planning Department and the Agriculture Department

Williamson Act and Open Space Easement in Santa Clara County

Other uses: agricultural processing, horse stabling and training facilities, barns and other farm storage buildings.

Can Williamson Act land be developed?
A land development application (use permit, subdivision, lot line adjustment, architectural and site approval, etc.) or building permit application may be filed after a favorable Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination has been issued. A residence may qualify as a compatible use on contracted property. Compatible Use Determination filing requirements are outlined in the application materials. A completed affidavit form (Declaration Regarding Agricultural Income on Williamson Act Property) must accompany the submitted documentation.


County Ordinance Code Section C13-15 


With respect to contracts executed prior to January 1, 2006, the following uses and development have been determined by the Board of Supervisors to be presumptively compatible with agricultural use of contracted land if all of the criteria in subsection (a) are also met:


Residential uses incidental to the agricultural use of the land, including:


Single-family homes for the property owner or lessee, which includes stockholders in family corporations, beneficiaries of family trusts and estates, owners of undivided partial interests in the fee, and joint tenants.


Dwellings for persons employed in the agricultural use of land or structures used to provide educational experiences or day-care facilities for their children, provided the use is nonprofit and not open to the general public.


Temporary farm labor camps incidental and necessary to the gathering of the crops grown on the land.


Residential care facilities for persons actively participating in agriculture as a prime component of their training or recreation.


Facilities to be used as bed and breakfast inns with a maximum of six guest rooms, kitchen and dining facilities for guests and small private events, all of which are totally contained within the existing residential structure.

What if the land is not in commercial agricultural production?
The property is subject to nonrenewal by the County and is generally not eligible for land use approvals or building permits. The landowner may wish to explore non-renewal, contract cancellation, or exchanging the Williamson Act contract for an Open Space Easement agreement. The Guideline for Policies Governing the Exchange of an Existing Williamson Act Contract for an Open Space Easement defines the policies and criteria by which the Board of Supervisors will evaluate the eligibility of a property for transfer from a Williamson Act contract to an Open Space Easement. Consult the County Open Space Easement Agreement Ordinance for specific provisions and procedures.
To discuss the parcel-specific feasibility of these options, contact the Planning Office, Valerie Negrete at (408)299-5791 or Joanna Wilk​ at (408) 299-5799.​


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